What is the Employee Experience?

No matter what industry you are in, whether you are selling products or services, employees are your first customers. The customer experience is a product of the interaction between customers and organisations over the duration of their relationship. Therefore, the similarity with the employee experience is no surprise:

“The employee experience is what happens when an employee interacts with your organization. It starts with how they first find and apply for a job at your company and ends with how they leave and includes everything in between.” – Jacob Morgan

And why is this important? The following statistics speak for themselves as symptoms, but pause to consider the cumulative experience:

I believe organisations should concentrate on crafting an employee experience that is meaningful and enjoyable. In the words of Cary Cooper “work should be fun”. Organisations must address both employees’ needs; salary and security, and their aspirations; career development, recognition, autonomy, well-being, happiness, and family.

Consider these parts together as a whole. A complete employee experience which develops a connection with the organisation and it’s purpose. Let’s make HR human and begin by making the relationship with employees personal.

My name is Andrew Shortland. I blog my thoughts on the future of work, corporate culture, employee engagement, and more. I’d love to connect and hear your views.


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